Solo Works (2019-)

My Songwriting mainly focuses on the representation of one's self, with it's inner dialogues and conflicts. Narratives of ideal love and purity of deeds, with references to the poetry of W.B Yeats and T.S. Eliot. Most of these songs were written in 2019, but I have many more to come. In that summer I tried to write a different new composition each week and then upload its live performance every weekend.

C. Jung once wrote that "paradoxical views who are not made conscious will be played out in the world as fate". This sentence really struck me, and few days later I wrote this. It's about listening to yourself, making things clear and find people that really want the best for you in all kind of relationships.
This one is about feeling kind of pathological about where we are and the society we live in. Anxiety, Boredom, Overjudgment are the three themes occurring here.
Living on trees is a song that gave me the opportunity to explore and reflect on how life and relationships with people are affected by social media. Particularly how the content that we fill these platforms with can alter the way we see ourselves both individually and as a culture.
The song represents the portrait of a sick love, in which the parties do not respect each other and are in constant conflict. It is also the description of a way of living love based on a pathological need for affection, given by a total lack of respect and care for the self, and where lovers remain proudly and morbidly attached to a feeling of ideal love, barely perceived but never really achieved.



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