From Burnt Norton (2020), for String Quartet

From Burnt Norton (2020), for String Quartet

"from Burnt Norton" is a String Quartet derived from the T.S. Eliot’s poem with the same name. Structured in five movements, It is a work of contrasts, particularly concerning the contrasts of different times and timings in the music merging into the perception of one singular time. The idyllic past is lost, but not forgotten. It is still present right before our eyes, that cannot but withhold the present, a burnt sight of desolation.

Full Score
Recorded in Brescia on 10/10/2021 by Antonio Bazzini String Quartet. Daniela Sangalli, Lino Megni: Violini. Marta Pizio: Viola. Fausto Solci: Violoncello.



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