Från Dimman (2022), for Mixed Ensemble

Från Dimman (2022), for Mixed Ensemble

"Från Dimman" (From the Mist) paints a sonic landscape that captures the essence of confusion and uncertainty that inhabits our modern consciousness.

From formless fog, music drifts into being, suspended between reality and illusion.

Undercurrents of uncertainty swell as harmonies meander and crash unpredictably.

Momentum builds in surging waves, yet fragile clarity pierces through, like sunlight breaking the clouds.

Full Score
Performed live by Gageego! on Feb 19th 2022 at Landstingssalen, Malmö Rådhuset. Øyvor Volle - violin, Tuula Fleivik - viola, Johan Stern - cello, Markus Lang - double bass, Ragnar Arnberg - clarinet, Anders Jonhäll - flute.