Dear Harvard faculty, you’ll find my latest portfolio below. The total listening time is 16 minutes. If you take all the excerpts I have suggested you can shave your total listening time down to 12 minutes. Save ninety seconds to listen to the three excerpts at the bottom of the page if you’re so inclined.


1) Från Dimman (2022) 7', for Mixed Ensemble

This work's direction much aligns with my current musical inclinations, merging advanced techniques in a more traditional pitch-focused writing enriched by uncommon natural harmonics.

  • If you are only going to listen to one piece all the way through, make it this one.
  • If you are in a hurry, start at 01:25 and listen until the end. That excerpt begins on rehearsal mark A, page 2.

Performed live by Gageego! on Feb 19th 2022 at Landstingssalen, Malmö Rådhuset. Øyvor Volle - violin, Tuula Fleivik - viola, Johan Stern - cello, Markus Lang - double bass, Ragnar Arnberg - clarinet, Anders Jonhäll - flute. Recorded Live

Program Note: "Från Dimman" (From the Mist) paints a sonic landscape that captures the essence of uncertainty that inhabits our modern consciousness. From formless fog, music drifts into being, suspended between reality and illusion. Undercurrents of uncertainty swell as harmonies meander and crash unpredictably, yet fragile clarity pierces through, like sunlight breaking the clouds.

2) Helsingborgs Natt (2023) 5', for Orchestra

Contemporary textures and intricate harmonies fuse to evoke a fragile and enchanting sound world, painting an intimate moment of connection with haunting nocturnal beauty.

  • If you don’t have time to hear the whole piece listen from the start and feel free to stop at approx 03:50, around rehearsal mark E, page 11.

Full Score
Performed live by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra at the Helsingborg’s Concert Hall on May 17th 2023 - Jakob Hultberg Conductor.

Program Note: “Helsingborgs Natt” (Helsingborg’s Night) is seeking only to capture the essence of an intangible, personal and intimate moment of a particular sense of longing and connection with the self that seems to arise only in the night time. A short nocturne painting a sonic portrait from the Swedish city of Helsingborg in springtime.

3) Orange Flowers (2022) 4', for Solo Cello

This brief but virtuosic work reimagines traditional solo cello showpieces through a contemporary lens, filtered through my personal musical perspective and my years of experience as cellist.

  • To keep things short, stop at approx. 02:50, rehearsal mark C, page 4.

Performed live by Eric Maria Couturier on Oct 27 2022 at the Malmö Academy of Music.

Program Note: "Orange Flowers" for solo cello embodies the image of a vibrant bouquet encased in glass—rich and lush, yet inherently delicate. The piece references the resonant solo cello traditions of Kodaly and Cassadò to paint the floral essence, while the interplay of natural harmonics suggests the subtle distortions of light through glass, creating an aural illusion of the flower’s fragile beauty within a faux environment.

4) Three 30’’ excerpts for further listening

A small taste of other music I wrote and that I am working on that I find significant and showcases a different instrumentation. If you would like, feel free to access scores or listen some more by following the link to the full piece.

Vento d'Inverno (2020) 7', for Viola and Live Electronics

An approach to Live Electronics in a format inspired by Luigi Nono. Full Score and Recording

From Burnt Norton (2020) 10’, for String Quartet

A small excerpt from my String Quartet, exploring microtonal movement and stasis inside a major third cluster.

Mignon (Work in Progress), for Piano Trio

A small excerpt from a Work in progress, a Piano Trio with materials derived from my vocal sextet Aura, for six solo voices. This excerpt, taken from an informal meeting with friends, reimagines the canon at measure 128, around rehearsal mark K.

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